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2023 Meeting Schedule

2023 Meeting Schedule:
Monthly Board meetings
Every 2nd Tuesday of the month

Christ the King Lutheran Church
11421 Big Bend Rd,
Riverview, FL 33579

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most common questions recieved. If you dont find what you are looking for please use the contact form at the bottom of the website to contact our management company

Any time you make an exterior alteration to your property, you must submit an Architectural Change Request Application to the management company PRIOR TO making scheduling the installation. These requests are reviewed by our volunteer ACC Committee and/or Board members for approval or denial. ALL changes must be requested prior to work being scheduled and completed, since there may be issues or reasons the installation cannot be made. Examples would include restrictions by Hillsborough County codes, insurance restrictions, etc., that individual homeowners may not be aware of on their property. You can find the planning requirements Here

Your volunteer Architectural Change Committee (ACC) members work as quickly as possible to review and approve all requests. In South Fork III, many requests can be approved within 1-2 weeks. Some requests may take longer and homeowners should submit requests 30-days ahead of any planned projects to give adequate time to review your request.

FirstService Residential performs drive-through inspections in our community. Any maintenance issues that appear to need attention are noted and a letter may be sent to the homeowner informing them of the problem(s). It is up to each homeowner to quickly correct the problem, or contact FirstService Residential with an approximate date of when the problem will be corrected (for example, your lawn has large dead patches and you intend to re-sod within 60-days). Homeowners will receive a second letter from the management company approximately 14 days after the first letter if the problem is not corrected. Board members are advised of significant problems after 60 days for a final letter leading to subsequent fining by the Board and Fining Committee or attorney action when needed. All homeowners are encouraged to maintain their property in South Fork III, which enhances the overall property value of individual homes and the community in general.

You may submit an email to FirstService Residential directly or use the form on this website for issues that are of serious concern to you. Examples might include roaming pets, lawn maintenance issues, or items being stored improperly in view. The management company will either review the complaint on their next inspection or ask board members to verify the problem before sending a letter to the homeowner.

Please refer to the approved budget. Found Here Failure to pay dues or respond to late notices will result in legal action through a lien foreclosure on your property.

Our property management company is FirstService Residential. If you need information regarding your HOA dues payment, need to submit an architectural request form, or have any other questions, you may contact FirstService Residential at:

FirstService Residential
2870 Scherer Drive N., Suite 100 | St. Petersburg, FL 33716
Phone: 866-378-1099

You may pay your HOA payments three different ways; mail in your payment, set-up automatic withdraw or pay online. Please remember there is a service fee for online payments. Payment can be made [Coming Soon]. You can also view how to setup payment be refering to the ACH document HERE or by setting up a Paydici account HERE

Yes, the HOA Board of Directors has required paperwork that must be filled out and approved before the tenant can move it. Please contact the Administrative Assistant for the required forms.

South Fork of Hillsborough III
c/o FirstService Residential
2870 Scherer Drive N., Suite 100 | St. Petersburg, FL 33716

No, standard cable is not covered in your HOA dues.

Hillsborough County is divided up into five residential solid waste collection districts. One of the three companies the county contracts serves each district. Enter your street address below for collection schedules and hauler information.
Enter Address Here

1. If your trash or recycling is not picked up on your designated day, call your provider
2. You can also report a missed trash pickup or other trash related issue using At Your Service. We always suggest you start with the hauler directly, as it will reduce your waiting time significantly.

Recent Community Documents

Documents related to the community structure.

Owner Information

Documents for owner registration.

ARC Criteria

Guidelines for what will be permitted in South Fork III.

Approved Replacement Tree List

Document listing all the approved Replacement Trees


ClickPay Setup Form

Form to submit to setup ClickPay

Something Not Working?

Here is a list of the most common things to go wrong within a house. If you feel an issue is more pressing please contact a licensed professional immediately.

The biggest thing you can do to save money is to change your air filter monthly. Writing the date that you replace the filter on the edge of the air filter is a good way to remember whether you need to change your filter or not.

For AC, the first thing to check is whether the thermostat is set to “Cool” and to “Auto”. If air is blowing, but it is hot, then go outside to see if the blades are moving on YOUR compressor unit (make sure you know which compressor is connected to your house). If the blades are not moving, then you need to arrange a service call. Make sure to switch your thermostat to the “Off” position. AC technicians can not work on a unit that is frozen, so if you leave your thermostat on “Cool”, your unit will be frozen when they show up and you are just delaying the time before he can help you.

If no air is blowing in your house, check to see if the breaker is tripped in your fuse box. If it is tripped, flip the breaker switch back on. If the switch is not tripped, you need to arrange a service call.

Two final important tips:
1) If you want to minimize your electric bill, set your thermostat to 76 or 78 degrees during the day, then lower the temperature when you get home after work. But don't turn the AC "Off" during the day. The reality is that it takes less electricity to keep the temperature withing a certain range all day than it does to turn the AC off, then turn it back on when you get home to try and cool your house down during a short period of time.
2) Don't block the big air return grates with furniture, boxes or anything else. Free air flow is key for your AC to work efficiently.

If the toilet continuously runs, but the tank behinf where you sit does not fill up with water, then you need to arrange a service call with a plumber (the inner components of the toilet probably need to be replaced) If there is a leak from the bowl or from the base of the toilet, please call for a service call. A much bigger problem with the floor could develop if this is not addressed quickly.

If you pull the diverter (the knob on yout tub spout that starts the water spray) up, and there is still a large amount of water coming from the tub spout, then you need to arrang a service call with a plumber (probobly the tub vaulve needs to be replaced). If the sink consistently drips, you need to arrange a service call with a plumber (probobly the sink faucet needs to be rebuitl or replaced).

If the garbage disposal does not work when you turn it on, try pushing the red reset button on the bottom of most garbage disposals under the sink. If that does not work, then you need to arrange a service call with a plumber.

Check the breaker box to see if a fuse is tripped> Reset the breaker switch. If the dishwasher still doe not work, then you need to arracnge for a service call.

Check to see if the temperature settings inside the refrigerator and the freezer are set correctly. If the settings are appropriate, check the breaker box to see if a fuse is tripped. Reset the switch. If the refrigerator still does not work, then you need to arrange a service call.

If either unit is not heating, check to make sure the plug behind the unit is plugged in and that the breaker is not tripped. if it is plugged in but the stove/oven does not heat, you need to arrange for a service call.

If the water hoses are spraying water behind the washing machine, a service call needs to be arranged with a plumber.  
NOTE: The best way to save money on your electric bill is to make sure your dryer is operating efficiently. The most importat thing you can do is to clean lint from the dryer vent after every load of laundry.

If you hear a constant noise coming from the water heater or if you see lots of water accumulating in th drain pan, you need to arraange for a service call with a plumber.

Certain outlets are controlled by a wall switch. So if you have a fan controlled by a chain and the fan does not come on, check the wall switches to see if the switch got turned off before calling in a service call. The same problem may occur if a light stops working.

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Disclosure: Under Florida law, email addresses are public records. If you do not want your email address released in response to a public records request, please do not contact us electronically or via e-mail. Instead, contact us by phone or in writing.

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